About shipping and delivery

about shipping cost

* Standard shipping fee: Yamato Transport Sagawa Express
Other than Okinawa Prefecture 600 yen (free delivery for purchases over 8,000 yen)  
Okinawa Prefecture 1,800 yen (free delivery for purchases over 1,2000 yen)

About shipping method

Shipping company: Yamato Transport Sagawa Express
After receiving your order, we will ship it within about 4-7 business days. (excluding holidays)

    I will notify you of the tracking number by e-mail when it is shipped.
    After shipping, it will be delivered within about 3-5 business days. (excluding holidays)

    Okinawa Prefecture takes about 5-7 business days to deliver after shipping. (excluding holidays)
    Please contact each transportation company for the status of your package.

    Time until delivery: 10 to 20 days
    (Schedules may change significantly due to overseas shipments.)

    Yamato Transport: http://www.kuronekoyamato.co.jp/ytc/customer/
    Sagawa Express: https://www.sagawa-exp.co.jp/

    * We may deliver by a different delivery method from the above without prior notice.

    * The estimated delivery date may pass due to weather, traffic conditions, or holidays.

    * Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, there may be delays in the delivery of packages.

    *In the unlikely event that the package is returned due to the recipient being away for a long period of time or being unable to connect to the phone, please contact us as soon as possible via EMAIL: info@OneFish.Shop or chat on the homepage.

    * In addition, if the customer refuses to receive the package, a total of 1200 yen will be charged for the return shipping fee and handling fee. Please note that this will be the responsibility of the customer.